How to use Posti parcel locker

 How to use Posti Parcel Locker

Picking up a parcel 

  • You will receive a notice of arrival for a parcel, locker number and its open code in a text message.
  • Open the lock with the code - the locker will open when you pull the lock. 
  • Take the parcel out of locker and close the locker.
  • Remember, the parcel must be picked up within 7 days.  

2. Sending a parcel  

  • Pack the parcel ready for dispatch.
  • Pay for the parcel at or Posti´s Posti mobile before sending it. You will receive an Helposti-code (Easy-code).
  • Write the following information on the parcel: the names, addresses, Helposti-code and mobile phone numbers of the sender and the recipient.
  • Leave parcel at Posti Parcel Locker.

3. Ordering products from an online store to the Posti Parcel Locker

  • Start by using the My Pickup point service at 
    Choose your designated pickup point as your Posti Parcel Locker.
  • When you order from the online store, add your own phone number for the online store recipient information.
  • When the parcel is ready to picked up from Posti Parcel Locker, you will receive the recipient information as a text message (it will include the locker number and open code). 

4. Returning online store products

  • Use the return address card, you have received from the online store or obtain a Helposti-code at  
    and follow the instructions on the site. 
  • Leave parcel in Posti Parcel Locker.